Artists' Biographies

Shirley Berrow

Ceramic Artist.
‘Shirley has been painting on China and Porcelain for 50 years, gaining her knowledge and expertise from professional artists around the world, and forever improving on her own natural skills. From her first lesson she was inspired and it has remained a passion. Her work is varied and includes framed pictures painted on ceramic tiles, she paints from all forms of nature on pieces of all shapes and sizes, plates , vases ,bowls, and beakers, in fact anything that stands still gets the ‘Shirley’ treatment using classical and modern techniques, providing stunning results and pieces of art which will last forever.’

This year, 2023 she is displaying her work with Ailsa Reed at Bardsey for the Artist Around Wetherby event


I am primarily a plein air painter in watercolour and gouache. I usually spend about 2 hours in situ and in this time I hope to have captured the essentials of the subject. I am happy to take on whatever presents itself from cafe scenes to open landscapes.
Many trips abroad are recorded in these paintings as well local Yorkshire scenes and beyond. They also provide the inspiration and starting point for indoor painting, some of which are in acrylic and oil.


Jackey started with watercolour painting at an evening class in Leicestershire over 40 years ago. However getting married and moving to Cambridgeshire, she did not paint for nearly 20 years. Then a move to Yorkshire stirred up the desire to paint again. She now mainly uses pastels and mixed media to capture landscapes and animals but enjoys having a go at any different type of paint, given the chance. I will try to send you some pictures but I need to check they are the size you need.

Jan Bulley

Jan’s primary interest is in mixed media landscape painting in a loose and fluid manner over textured backgrounds and taking inspiration from nature. Her process has evolved using lots of washes and wet-in-wet techniques into semi-abstract landscapes that strive to capture the ephemeral effects of light, atmosphere and tranquility.
Jan also works in printmaking, in particular with collagraph, which produces a very expressive and textured finish creating a unique print every time.
Jan also works in hand built ceramics, using ancient techniques; pinch pots, coiling and slabs constructing pieces of simplicity. Again, taking inspiration from nature, she uses texture and mark making to create truly original pieces.
Visit at and

Clare Dean

Clare is a mixed media artist, who particularly likes to work with acrylics in a loose textural way, finding inspiration from nature and her garden, and particularly enjoys painting meadows. She also works in pastel and oil occasionally. She has a large range of cards and prints, including animals and birds along with floral and landscape work.
Clare is happy to do workshops or demonstrations for local art groups and runs her own workshops. She has undertaken several commissions. She regularly exhibits at RHS Harlow Carr and other events. Please for more information.

Natalie Elderton

Natalie is a ceramic artist making both decorative and functional pieces such as large platters, vases and garden decorations. All of her work is hand built using slaps, coils or pinching methods. Often, she will then apply coloured slips and then scrape and carve into the clay to show the colour of the clay beneath. This is a process called sgraffito. Working as a florist for many years she takes much of her inspiration from flowers, plants and the natural landscape.
You can see more of Natalie's ceramics at

Lynne Haslam
Felt artist

Lynne’s artwork combines a variety of techniques, particularly felting, embroidery, and the use of mixed media. The media that she uses are mostly natural - wool and silk - but also incorporates found fabrics. The artworks she creates are inspired by this mix of the natural, the fabricated, and the human. Her art often includes portraits, usually representing faces of modern women set against luscious backgrounds. The women are strong, independent, reflective. Wet felting is a fluid technique, and creating life-like pieces using this unpredictable approach is a challenging process.

Please find me on Instagram:

Paul Heaney

As a photographer of landscapes and architecture I often artwork my images using a range of digital techniques ranging from black & white semi-line drawings to muted colour and exaggerated colour. I like to achieve an emotional and even spiritual response. I'd like to think my heritage images help people appreciate the richness of craftsmanship and beauty around us in the urban and semi-urban landscape.

I run regular art fayres mostly in Leeds Kirkgate Market and Leeds Corn Exchange called Art House Art Fayre (AHAF).

I also have a poetry podcast on Podbean called Lightpainting With Poetry." Visit my instagram here

Jane Horton

Jane's passions are horses and photography and loves nothing more than to capture the beauty, spirit and nobility of these amazing animals.
She is mainly self-taught but has, and still does, attend photography workshops, as she is a great believer in the old adage that you never stop learning.
She also enjoys taking wildlife images, both in Britain and in Africa.
Jane has had work included in exhibitions at Northern Ballet 2013 – 2018 and a number of images featured in magazines, books, leaflets and newspapers.
She has also had a number of images accepted by the Yorkshire Photographic Union and British Photographic Exhibition

Suzie Ison
Artist/Textile Designer

Suzie is a painter and textile artist, often combining the two techniques together to create works of art. She manipulates fabric to create imaginative and colourful pieces sometimes incorporating free machine embroidery and hand stitching.
Her work is both practical and creative especially in the designs of her lampshades.
Contact details.
Mob 07856036856
Instagram suzie_ison_textiles


Jeannette has never let her passion for art and leave her. She paints in her studio overlooking the garden in Wetherby. She first trained as a fashion artist and attended Jacob Kramer College. She also undertook technical drawings before CAD (Computer Aided Design). In later years Jeannette joined various art groups and developed as an original and humorous artist. She gets her inspiration from the Yorkshire Dales, the beautiful east coast and football! Her subjects include Seascapes, Landscapes, comical football sheep, abstracts and anything that makes her smile. She will be offering original art, giclee prints and greeting cards. Please look for her on Instagram and Etsy
Instagram: mother_goose_art
Louise at Quilty Corner

Louise at Quilty Corner loves soft crafts, from hand stitching as a child and teenager, to practical soft furnishings as home ownership came along. Then to altering clothes for kids and now making items asked for by teenagers. She loves to create things that make people smile whether it’s because of the image or the physical feeling gained from an item.
Quilting allows experimentation of colours, pattern and textures. Quilty Corners items are often hand embellished with embroidery, buttons, beads, ribbon, lace and specialist threads.

Rachel McNaughton

I paint mostly in watercolour although sometimes use pastel and my early choice of subject matter was flowers. Since then I have broadened my horizons and paint landscapes, animals and whatever takes my fancy! I now have a looser style but I still always have to fight against painting in detail.
Work has been published by National Trust, Laura Ashley, Unicef, M and S and WHSmith.
You can see more of my work by visiting ( where there are galleries of my art to buy as originals and prints or click here to visit my Etsy shop which also includes painting tutorials.
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Retiring from the world of engineering, a draughtswoman in the construction industry, Maggie decided, it was the right time to pick up the threads of her enjoyment of ’Art’
With no formal training, she likes nothing better than to sit and sketch or paint, but not usually the view that others may notice.
Perspective, bricks & mortar are all part of the game for Maggie. She will paint ‘Plein Air’ but while others are painting the rolling hills beyond, she will more likely paint the building they are next to or indeed the detail of a ‘dry stone wall’

Sheila Mirczuk

A graduate in Graphic Design at Kingston, London and now a retired corporate graphic design manager, Sheila began drawing her own dogs and horses which led to commissions. Her favourite medium is acrylics. She also painted her much missed three children (who live and work abroad) and as a result now really enjoys portraiture. Whatever the subject, in developing her work, her aim is to capture character, and a moment in time with a story or narrative.

Jill Neale

Jill enjoys painting many subjects, primarily meadows, showing the harmony in nature to be found in the countryside around her. Jill hopes that her paintings and use of colour convey a feeling of joy and happiness. Jill also paints the countryside around Collingham as well as abstract mixed media pictures, animals and house portrait

Annie Page

Annie has always been creative. As a child she would spend hours drawing and making things to play with from anything that came to hand. Naturally, she went on to study at art school. Firstly at Jacob Kramer college in Leeds where she studied textiles and then on to study fine art in Birmingham. Then life happened and Annie put her art work to one side to bring up her three children. Six years ago she left work to care for her husband, this also allowed her the opportunity to rekindle her creative interests and continue her creative explorations. Her failure to find a suitable sketchbook sparked what would become a beautiful obsession, book binding. The lack of anything beyond the obvious lead her to explore the art and craft of making beautiful books. Annie finds inspiration in her immediate and wider world. Upcycled drinks cans sit alongside the more traditional materials to become fascinating and beautiful books. As well as these, Annie works with digital imagery. Recently she completed a calendar based on town and cityscapes of her native Yorkshire.

Lisa Pickard

Lisa is a Yorkshire born artist, trained in graphic design, who has spent her working life in the advertising industry. As a lover of all things art & craft Lisa has been creative from a young age and can’t remember a time when she didn’t have a pencil or a glue stick in her hand!
She is best known for her pastel landscape paintings but enjoys working on different
themes and in a variety of mediums.
Her subjects are varied and include all manner of flora and fauna, pet portrait commissions and much more. Fascinated by rolling landscapes and turquoise seas, Lisa never tires of the views and is always on the lookout for her next project. She loves to see the sunlight dancing on water, or filtering through the clouds in contrast to the backdrop of a stormy sky. Lisa is permanently in awe of the beauty of nature and likes to capture that essence in her paintings.
To find out more visit:


Alex’s work is mainly acrylic and watercolour.
Alex is a colourist, his main subjects are land water and sky - often where all three meet! He is fascinated by locations where manmade structures are set in and sometimes against nature eg: beaches, lighthouses, castles …
Other subjects have crept in through the years of working with art clubs doing demonstrations, workshops and talks eg: still life paintings with some humourous content.
Examples of his work and a list of his talks can be seen at

Jan Purves

Jan has always been inspired by flowers and nature she dabbled in art throughout her childhood. When her daughters flew the nest she started taking Art Classes and has been
making art and selling both locally and internationally ever since. Her favourite subjects are flowers, seascapes, landscapes, animals and birds. Jan has completed commissions for a variety of subjects.
She works in watercolours, pastels, oils, acrylics and mixed media.
In addition to original work Jan also sells giclee prints and handmade art cards of her work locally and online.Her work can be seen in local Art Shows, and online on her website.
Some of her cards are on sale at Castlegate Stationers, Wetherby.

Linda Quartermaine NEW ARTIST THIS YEAR

I am Linda Quartermaine, a Watercolour and Pastel Artist. The subjects that I like to paint are Landscapes, Wildlife and Pet Portraits.
I have always been very passionate about animal conservation and any wildlife paintings that I sell, 10% of it will be donated to Wildlife Charities. At the moment I am working on Chimpanzees, using photos from the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection Charity.
Paintings are available as prints and cards, 10% of sales from these items will also be sent to a conservation charity.
I have been painting for many years and I am a member of the Walton Group of Artists.

Ailsa Read

Ailsa Read is a graduate of Leeds Arts University and is a painter of contemporary seascapes.
The sea has always held a deep fascination for me, with its ever changing moods & colour. There is an unexpected excitement in its ceaseless energy which I feel compelled to paint.
Dr A H Read
07831 326309

Vivienne Rawnsley

Vivienne Rawnsley studied Art and Design from 1962 to 1966 and became a graphic designer, working in London, North Yorkshire and Leeds. She became a member of the Society of Chartered Designers and was a freelance graphic designer for over 30 years. Now she spends much of her time painting and drawing in oils and mixed media.

Katy Small

I work with felt, yarns and fabrics. My work is inspired by the changing skies and landscapes, or even the tiny, busy world of a hedgerow.
My pictures start as a drawing or small painting in my sketchbook. The background of a picture is created using ‘wet felting’, similar to blending paints or pastels. For the finer details, I use machine felting and embroidery with a variety of yarns. I do not aim to re-create an actual scene, but rather evoke a feeling, an impression, a mood. You can find my work on Instagram and website


Having visited a local art exhibition Jenny decided to enroll for watercolour lessons. She now paints landscapes and seascapes both in watercolour and acrylic taking her inspiration form the beautiful county she lives in. Jenny has exhibited in Walton, Boston Spa and Richmond Station.


John is a ceramicist potter and designer maker. His ceramic work naturally leans towards the aesthetic, emphasising the visual and sensual qualities of art and design.
John creates unique handmade pieces of ceramic artwork, and inspirational artistic products. He amalgamates contemporary glazing techniques with those more traditional to give a range of decorative sculptural and functional tableware pieces of studio pottery using high fire stoneware and porcelain clay. All made in his art studio by the river Crimple, in Spofforth.


Kamila is a photographer specialising in fine art portrait photography of children, families, pregnancy, and motherhood.
She calls herself a photographer with the soul of an artist.
Her greatest inspirations are nature and classical paintings of the Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelites eras.
For her, fine art photography is about truth and magic. Truth because it shows people and places as they are, magic because she can add her own vision during the photography creation and get a unique final result.
You can find Kamila's work on her website and Facebook
Photo session vouchers with a special on-the-day offer.

Vicky Thaxter
Textile and Mixed Media Artist

Inspired by the beautiful Yorkshire countryside around her home, Vicky creates a variety of artwork. Her watercolour paintings usually feature animals native to Britain, painted in fine detail. Her mixed media work is semi representational, inspired by landscapes, atmosphere and the changing seasons.
As a textile artist Vicky uses a variety of techniques. Hand dyed and painted fabrics form the background, followed by freestyle machine embroidery, applique and hand embellishment, to create soft meadows, delicate flowers and butterflies.

Facebook - @lilyandgingercrafts
Instagram -@lilyandgingercrafts

After retiring from teaching, I have done a variety of post-foundation stage art courses at York College of Art that included an H.N.C course, a vocational art course, and printmaking. I am a member of the Redbrick Artists and Walton Group of Artists. I feel my paintings are a reflection of my inner self, interests, life experiences and beliefs. Acrylics, oils, collage, and use of printmaking materials are used to represent my impressions of nature throughout the seasons, my love of gardening, music and walks in different landscapes, such as the Lake District and local historical battlefields.

Pat Willard
Silk Painter

Pat has been painting and selling her work in Yorkshire for 35 years - this included 22 years at RHS Harlow Carr......A Russian craft whereby the design is painted on to stretched silk resulting in a magic combination of gold, silver and copper edged images, glowing from the beautiful silk dyes used...A metre wide painting of Leeds Heritage buildings will be on display during Wetherby Open Studios..... Join my one day workshops and learn the art yourself!

Julia Williams

Julia is an independent Glass Blower based near Wetherby, West Yorkshire. She studied at The National Glass Centre in Sunderland graduating in 2014. In 2016 she set up a small glass blowing studio at home. She combines this with her work as an Occupational Therapist in the NHS .

Each piece of blown glass is unique, made by hand using traditional techniques partnered with a contemporary aesthetic. Julia draws herinspiration for this collection from natural forms and textures