Artists' Biographies

Shirley Berrow Ceramic Artist.
Painting on fine bone china particularly (or porcelain), has become a passion for me.
I have been fortunate to be able to paint alongside many Worldwide, recognised, artists and add to my skills.
I paint from photographs, pictures and life itself although my preference is to paint “free style” which has no restrictions or boundaries and allows one to create individuality.
My love of gardening has influenced my painting and understanding of nature’s colours and form.
China pieces are very tactile and enjoyable to paint, and there is always the anticipation and excitement when opening the kiln to view the finished piece.

I have been teaching mindfulness and meditation for many years, officially as an MBSR teacher in Yorkshire since 2013.
I have engaged with creative pursuits all my life, since my Mum and Nannan taught me to sew and knit. More recently this has evolved into poetry writing, handmade books and anything to do with paper.
My love of both aspects has developed into a new business THE Creative S P A C E Working with an artist friend we offer courses, workshops and sessions focusing on the combination of mindfulness and creativity, as we believe each enhances the other.
I find being creative restful and bring balance into my life, in much the same way meditation does. I also find creativity exciting, often following an impulse that I cannot predict where it will lead.

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Jan Bulley
Working as a garden designer, it is not surprising to find that plants and plant material are integral to my art. More than the flowers and leaves themselves, I have a love of their skeletons and structures in particular; seed heads, grasses, branches and trunks. I am passionate about texture and pattern, and natural forms that resound in our collective subconscious. I hope to capture the ephemeral effects of light and atmosphere creating landscapes to dream in. Working as a garden designer, it is not surprising to find that plants and plant material are integral to my art. More than the flowers and leaves themselves, I have a love of their skeletons and structures in particular; seed heads, grasses, branches and trunks. I am passionate about texture and pattern, and natural forms that resound in our collective subconscious. I hope to capture the ephemeral effects of light and atmosphere creating landscapes to dream in.

My painting process incorporates many different materials including acrylic paints and inks, tissues and collage papers, mediums, pastels and sometimes plant material. I work in many layers creating texture, which is very important to me, and building up a rich patina.

I also work with collagraph printing; creating a printing plate using a collage of different materials to create texture. This plate is then inked and printed on an etching printing press. Although 10 or so prints can be taken from a plate, each one is individually inked and printed; each one is unique. I often work back into them with paint, and they become an original collagraph painting.

Ceramics is my new baby. I am a hand builder, using ancient techniques; pinch pots, coiling and slabs to construct pieces with a purity of line and a sculptural

Clare Dean
I have always been interested in art and all things creative. In December 2000 I started my own business “Clare’s Creations”. I am a mixed media artist, who explores using texture and natural materials in my art to give a very textural piece of work. I particularly enjoy making paper and use this as a basis for art work. I am primarily inspired by strong colour, form and nature. 2006 saw the launch of my website, which displays the range of pictures and products available. I am a member of Walton Group of Artists and was voted best in show in 2010 and 2012. I am one of three artists who organises Artists Around Wetherby – Open Studios which is now in its sixth year. My husband, Tim joined the business a few years ago and frames my work and is able to provide a bespoke framing service for your own artwork. Since stopping full time work two years ago I am concentrating more on my art and now run workshops demonstrating my style of painting using gesso and mixed media.

Ruth Dorrington
I have a fine art degree at Leeds University and have lectured in art and art history at Leeds College of art and Park Lane College
Previous exhibitions include Carr Manor Mills Gallery, Leeds, Leeds Dark Arches and Doncaster Library among others
For some time I put painting on back burner whilst I built up Nursery and Garden Design business and I now have gallery/ classroom at the nursery where I run twice weekly art classes and other workshops.


For the past 25 years I have been involved in all manner of tree related work and over this time have dabbled with creating a range of different wood and metal art pieces. I am lucky enough to be in a position where I have no shortage of large sections of timber to work with and sometimes feel more like a treasure hunter, searching through piles of boughs and trunks for the right piece that inspires me.

I love experimenting with fire and different cutting tools to create contrasting shapes, textures and patterns to expose and show off the natural beauty of the wood. I aim to produce pieces that are organic and earthy – something that draws you in and makes you want to touch it, and to look at both the form, and space within.

The unpredictability of both the raw material and the burning process means that each piece is unique.

Claire Evans NEW THIS YEAR
Claire is an artist whose practice is rooted in sculpture and drawing. There are two main strands to her practice; the relation of the human body to the spaces within the built environment and the meditative experience of observation drawing. In her practice Claire’s main creative act is drawing. However, her more conceptual work explores the relationship of and crossover between the language of drawing and sculpture.

Claire also spends time doing straightforward observation drawing and enjoys the meditative nature of this. Her choice of subject matter reflects her love of the outdoors and observing the environment around her.

Niki Hampson
I am a papermaking artist and set up my business “Pulpitations” 10 years ago in a workshop in Dalby Forest. I now have a studio in my garden in Clifford where I make handmade papers, design products and run workshops.

I am inspired by trees and plant material always searching underfoot, in hedgerows, woodland or on beaches for interesting finds. In my studio I have drawers and boxes filled with treasures! I visit family in Australia each year and my favourite place to be is in the rainforest amongst the trees, ferns and wildlife. I am also passionate about recycling and reusing everyday materials.

I originally trained in textiles specialising in miniature hand embroidery and my current work has returned to that scale, focusing on intricate details of nature. I am fascinated by the play of different light sources which highlight features through fine or textured handmade paper. I enjoy experimenting with surface pattern using plant and recycled paper pulps using my experience with techniques to teach and inspire others.

My products include framed pictures, tealight holders, miniature books, boxes and vessels, greetings cards and papermaking kits.


Alongside my art practice and related craft teaching I work at Bewerley Park Outdoor Education Centre in Pateley Bridge, which takes me to the same landscapes and environments day after day, year after year. This familiarity with my locality has led me to focus on the beauty that surrounds me. I love landscapes and flora and fauna.
In 2016 I got the most amazing opportunity - I was appointed as artist in residence in Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales through a grant funded by The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty team. My brief was to respond to the local hay meadows, and I was able to develop my botanical knowledge alongside my drawing. The work led to a solo exhibition at Studio 6 in Pateley Bridge.I deepened my understanding of the fragility of the countryside, and I was drawn to investigate the pollinators of the hay meadows' wild flowers – butterflies, moths and bees. In Spring 2017 I showed a solo exhibition, "Dales and Flora", at The Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes. I was then fortunate enough to become part of a group of artists and craftspeople chosen by Laney Birkhead to exhibit in "Swarm", all about bees, at The Inspired By Gallery,The Moors Centre, Danby ; Sunny Bank Mills Gallery, Farsley , Leeds, and The Grange Environmental Centre in Leeds.
Over the last few years I have enjoyed experimenting with many forms of print, both on paper and fabric. My passion for it began whilst on a foundation course in "Contemporary Textile Practice" at Cleveland College of Art and Design - as a hard working mature student I got a distinction and that was due to finding the screen printing studios ; I was hooked.
So now I create fine art, framed or in a browser, I print and make bags and cushions, and hand embroider ; and I love machine embroidery. I sell greeting cards and giclee prints in a number of outlets, and regularly take part in local events such as Nidderdale Art Trail and Art In the Pen and Craft in the Pen in Skipton. I have recently joined Craven Arts in Skipton and joined in with their first ever art trail last summer.
A jack of all trades and proud of it!

Maggie Goodwin
I love sketching and watercolours and never leave home without my sketchbook, but my passion is printmaking. My inspiration comes mainly from nature and natural things and I like experimenting with different printmaking techniques to achieve results I am happy with. I love every part of the printmaking process, from finding inspiration in nature to the smell of the ink and the excitement of pulling that first print off the press.

Niki Hampson
I am a papermaking artist and set up my business “Pulpitations” 8 years ago in Dalby Forest. Last year I relocated to Clifford where I work from my newly built garden studio making handmade papers and designing products.

My work is inspired by my love of trees, leaves and nature, especially the rainforests in Australia which I visit each year. I originally trained in textiles which influences many of my techniques and I enjoy experimenting with surface pattern using plant and recycled paper pulps. I am fascinated by the play of different light sources which highlight details and create shadows through decorated handmade papers. I am currently working on pieces for a select group exhibition in a gallery in York over the summer.

My products range from table lamps and backlit stands to tealight holders, greetings cards and decorative stationery. I run workshops for all ages and abilities and give demonstrations; I also work with large groups of children at educational events through the year to promote recycling through papermaking.

Rachel McNaughton
Painting is my way into an inner world, a secret garden of colour and shape.
Painting as a hobby is where it all began and the hobby has now become an essential part of my life. Flowers are the centre of my focus and their myriad colours, combined with their delicacy and fleeting nature, are a constant source of inspiration.
I work from life, or from my own photographs but both are merely a starting point and many paintings are created from a combination of various images. Watercolour presents the artist with many unexpected “ accidents” and often shapes that appear in initial washes become suggested flowers and so a painting often chooses its own path to completion.
Over time my work has moved away from botanical accuracy into a more expressive style and become looser with runs and dribbles becoming part of the process of creating the image.
My work has been published by W H Smith ( in calendars and cards), Woodmansterne, Matalan, Ling and Marks and Spencer, who asked me to design the lid for Christmas shortbread biscuits in 2016. I also provided watercolour illustrations for a book " Hinds Feet in High Places" by Tyndale Press in the USA.
I am a member of Walton Group of Artists and my work was voted "Best in Show" in November's exhibition (2018)
I run one day workshops in watercolour, pastel and Brusho at Bardsey Village Hall.

Sarah Nicholls NEW THIS YEAR
I am a self-taught artist living in Collingham and have been working on many art commissions in my spare time over the years but through the encouragement of family and friends have turned my passionate hobby into a profession.
Since moving to Yorkshire from London in 2008 I have been so inspired by the breath-taking Yorkshire countryside and in particular how the colour and texture of the trees change across the year. My favourite subjects are trees and I'm always fascinated by their beauty and value how integral they are to our environment.
I love painting in vivid colours and a lot of my more recent work incorporates a ‘pointillist’ style. I have also recently been working on paintings where I apply the paint directly onto glass or acrylic sheets (rather than a canvas or paper) which creates very bold colours and 3D effects

Irene Pearson
I am a mixed media artist, using Acrylic ink, Acrylic paint and Watercolour.
The subject dictates which medium I use.
I am interested in urban and industrial environments, both old and new.
Particularly liking the way our history is depicted by structures showing signs
of decay and change.Living here in Yorkshire I cannot fail to be inspired by the beautiful countryside and coast which also reflects change across the four seasons.

Chub Perkins NEW THIS YEAR

Little Land Woodland Art Gallery Tadcaster
Proprietor and main artist Chub Perkins

Artistically trained to degree level I left behind sketching and painting to develop a career as a Television Camera Operator. It wasn't until May 2017, after an epic 22-year hiatus that I began sketching again, and instantly rediscovered my passion. A growing urge to throw paint around was realised in October of the same year and has led to an intensely satisfying new career and much self-discovery. My constant aim is to work with integrity and authenticity, and to create original artwork that truly resonates with the viewer.

Inspiration and Style
I work fast and loose without brushes; preferring instead such found objects as badminton shuttlecocks and kebab skewers. Anything goes really, with the mark making requirements dictating the appropriate tool for the job. I'll paint positively anything but one of my favourite themes is capturing subjects illuminated in the half-light at dawn/dusk - that tantalising period when nature's light is in delicate equilibrium with human-made light. When streetlights and vehicle lights are at a similar intensity to the skyscape I find the interplay between the two truly mesmerising. Trees are also another of my favourite subjects.

Little Land Woodland Art Gallery
When the weather allows, I exhibit my work at my very own pop-up Woodland Art Gallery called Little Land, in my home town of Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. Here I simply hang my work amongst the trees and allow visitors to peruse the artworks and amble through the tranquil woodland setting at their leisure. With a Victorian 3-arch railway bridge serving as the entrance, a visit to Little Land has a decidedly Narnia-esque feel about it. I am also represented by Post Fine Art Gallery, also in Tadcaster

Lisa Pickard NEW THIS YEAR
Trained in graphic design, I have spent over 20 years in the advertising industry. As a lover of all things art & craft I have tried my hand at sewing, greetings cards, home-made gifts, decorative items as well as cake decorating.

I always loved art but never seriously took up painting as a hobby until over a year ago. After taking a portrait painting course I really fell in love with using soft pastels and now wish to explore the medium even further.

Fascinated by rolling landscapes and turquoise seas, I never tire of the views and am always on the lookout for my next project. I love to see the sunlight dancing on water, or filtering through the clouds in contrast to the backdrop of a stormy sky. I am permanently in awe of the beauty of nature and would like to capture that essence in my paintings.

More recently I have found a little confidence to take it outdoors, weather permitting, and paint the scenery from life. I find this much more satisfying than painting from my photographs and I hope to do more of it in the future.

My previous exhibition at Horsforth Walk of Art last year went down well and was a starting point for me showing my work. This is my first year with Artists Around Wetherby and I’m looking forward to seeing what it has in store.

Ailsa Read
The sea has always held a deep fascination for me, with its ever changing moods & colour. There is an unexpected excitement in its ceaseless energy which I feel compelled to paint.

Julia Rushworth
Julia is a small independent glass blower, she graduated from The National Glass Centre in Sunderland in 2014. Julia set up her studio at home in 2016 ,taking the plunge to make this her full time job after 28 years working in the NHS.
Julia uses traditional glass blowing techniques to make items ranging from exhibition pieces often inspired by disease and medical science, to decorative items for the home with organic forms and textures.
Julia will be demonstrating glass blowing each day during open studios.

Ian Sayce
I was born in Boston Spa and lived here all my life. I went to Tadcaster grammar school and when I left school I worked in Sefton Bakery. I also worked at Boston High School and St.Edwards RC school until in 2015 took early Retirement.
I married to Janet in 1981and we have travelled to 26 countries in 35 years of marriage.
I took up photography in 1988 and it has been my interest ever since.
I got my Licentiate in the Royal Photographic Society in 2013.

Elaine Shirtliff
When I took up painting as a new interest on retirement a few years ago, I enjoyed the learning process so much that art soon became my main focus. After trying out various media and techniques I developed my own style of colourful paintings of Yorkshire scenes using watercolours and ink detailing. I also like to experiment with a variety of materials, textures and subjects, such as eco prints from garden plants. In Autumn 2018 I was delighted to paint a local snow scene for a charity Christmas card in aid of Harrogate & District Kidney Patients' Support Group. Past exhibitions include Harrogate, Leeds, York and Nunnington Hall, besides Boston Spa and Walton. I am a member of Walton Group of Artists and Studio 6.

Pat Willard
A self taught artist, Pat has been silk painting for 30 years. Only recently has she retired from teaching and now devotes her time to painting and holding one day workshops in her country home in Yorkshire. She also holds workshops in Calligraphy.. She is a member of The Guild of Silk Painters and Leeds Fine Artists Group. Pat has been exhibiting at RHS Harlow Carr for over 20 years.
Pat found a visit to Japan a great inspiration for her work- the combination of gold/silver outlines together with the rich colours on silk kimonos. Her compositions are impulsive as the technique dictates; her themes being floral, birds, buildings (London and Venice), fish and jewel like dragonflies. She plans to produce abstract designs plus and also to introduce calligraphy into her work.
She has designed for The World Wildlife Fund, Royal Doulton and has sold her designs to produce surface pattern designs for many high street stores. Her aim is to design for Liberty's!